Our vision is to be the leading high quality security provider that understands clients evolving needs.

Our aims are to:

  • To provide a high standard, well-equipped security to the State & Central Govt. Offices, undertaking establishments, Institutions, Public Sector undertaking, Financial Institutions, Religions Institutions, Cultural Institutions, Medical Institutions and likewise that fully satisfies the needs and aspirations of our clients
  • To provide properly trained, industry friendly & zero tolerance security for our clients and their staff so that a safe, welcoming, motivational & secured environment within the minds of our clients spread all over the Maharashtra and Maharashtra Sadan situated in New Delhi is created.
  • To retain our proven image and maintain a good relationship with our clients.
  • To be on the toes round the clock in order to thwart any terror attack as well as threats emanating from anti-social elements and extremist groups.
  • Also, to provide technical consultancy services and to conduct security audit of vital and sensitive undertakings, establishments or Institutions.


The M.S.S.C. aims to achieve it's goal in quantity as well as quality in order to maintain industry friendly status of the state. The mission of M.S.S.C. is as:

  • Create a “Identity”
  • Set clear “Organizational Goal”
  • Establish “Standards for organizational performance”

The M.S.S.C. is heading towards it's goal within a short span of time. During the last 13 years, the M.S.S.C. has expanded it's business from 02 establishments with 250 security guards to 303 establishments with 17,052 security guards.

Maha Metro, CIDCO Metro, Thermal Power Stations, Gas distribution and Transmission companies, Government Hospitals, Municipal Corporations, Financial institutes, T.I.F.R., Western Coal Field, Airports, Expressways, Ports, Medical Colleges etc. are some of the important clients of the M.S.S.C.