Administrative Structure

The Corporation works under the control and command of Managing Director, who is serving I.P.S. Officer of the rank of Director General of Police. Besides this, 01 post of the rank of Addl. D.G.P, as well as 02 posts of the rank of D.I.G.P. and 02 posts of the rank of S.P. are sanctioned.

As per Section 9 of the M.S.S.C. Act, 2010 there is a board of directors comprising: - :-

1. ChairmanAddl. Chief Secretary (Home) , Government of Maharashtra
2. Vice Chairman/ Managing Director Serving I.P.S Officer of the rank of Director General of Police.
3. MemberDirector General of Police, Maharashtra State
4. MemberCommissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai.
5. MemberAddl. Director General of Police, S.R.P.F., Maharashtra State.
6. MemberCommissioner, State Intelligence Department, Maharashtra State.
7. MemberPrincipal Secretary (Special.), Home Department Government of Maharashtra
8. MemberPrincipal Secretary (Expenditure), Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra

The Corporation discharges all its functions through its officers, members and enrolled members of the Security Force, in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the rules made thereunder and the directions of the Board.