Training of Force Personnel

As per Section 8 of The Maharashtra State Security Corporation Act, 2010, the members of the security force have to undergo a rigorous training prior to their actual deployment. The training process is carried out under the able guidance / supervision and command of the Director General of Police & M.D. of the M.S.S.C. The purpose of training is to equip security guards with skills, knowledge in order to meet organizational goal and personal development. In addition, post recruitment, Security Guards have to undergo refresher / re-orientation training. Security Guards are being trained physically and mentally to thwart any untoward incident. As per section 18(2), the Security Guards are also empowered to use allotted weapons while discharging their duties.


Training comprises:

  1. Training at Police training schools and S.R.P.F. training centres.
  2. Physical fitness and endurance.
  3. Drill / Armed drill and weapon handling.
  4. Refresher course for Armed Security Guards.
  5. Tactical requirements required for the duty.
  6. Nomenclature of bomb / I.E.D. and techniques of their detection.
  7. Firefighting.
  8. Crowd and Traffic management.
  9. Disaster management and emergency protocol.
  10. Constitution of India and various laws.
  11. Rescue operation.
  12. First Aid.