Our Services

Services to Greater Mumbai as well as Mira-Bhayander, Vasai-Virar Police Commissionerate

The Corporation has provided services of 3000 security Guards to Greater Mumbai as well as 500 security Guards to Mira-Bhayander, Vasai-Virar Police Commissionerate.

Services at Universities / Educational Institutes

Watch and ward is the prime duty of the security personnel deployed at the important Educational Institutions. M.S.S.C also handles student's agitations, small functions organised by the institute.

Services at Oil Storage Plants

The security personnel deployed at Oil Storage plants performs access control duty. They have to frisk the visitors and prevent them from carrying objectional objects to the sensitive places.

Services for protection of Gas / Oil / Water Pipeline

Security Guards are deployed mainly for patrolling duty along the Gas / Oil / Water pipeline. They keep patrolling the entire vicinity of such pipeline in order to prevent any illegal tapping, encroachment or unauthorised construction to safeguard the pipeline.

Services at Sea Ports

Sea ports are sensitive installations- To control the access & to prevent unauthorised / illegal entry from the sea side is the prime responsibility of the security personnel deployed at the ports. Armed protection has been provided to the sea ports.

Services at Office buildings

Watch and ward of the staff working in that establishments and to maintain access control in order to prevent unauthorised entry.

Services to Metro Rail

Watch and ward of commuters, Screening & Checking of their hand baggage, as well as their safety while plying is the prime responsibility of the security personnel deployed at Metro Rail. Armed protection has been provided at stations round the clock.

Services at Explosive Magazines

Explosives for coal mines are stored in the magazines. The security personnel deployed at the magazines are keeping sharp watch around the area of the magazines to prevent unauthorised and unlawful entry in that area. Armed protection to magazines has also been provided.

Services at Hospitals

Security personnel are deployed at the important locations of the Government hospitals. They are mainly deployed for the protection of the doctors and staff of the hospitals and hence keeps watch in the O.P.D. and Casualty area. They have to prevent possible attacks on the doctors working in the hospitals.

Assistance to G.R.P. as well as R.P.F. on Central, Western and Harbour Railways

Security personnel are deployed at Railway Stations of Central / Western / Harbour Railway in order to assist G.R.P. as well as R.P.F. for protection of commuters especially Lady commuters plying in local trains.

Services at Government Residential colonies

Access control is the main responsibility of the guards deployed at the government residential colonies. They also control unauthorised trespass in the colony especially during night time.

Services at Floating Dry Dock

Armed guards have been provided at the floating dry dock. They have to keep sharp vigil around the dry dock. Also to ensure that no unauthorised person takes shelter in the dry dock.

Services at Currency chest

The Security Personnel deployed at currency chest performs guard duty. They also ensure / verify identity of the bank officials / staff entering and going out of the currency chest and keep watch at their activities. They have to remain alert during their duty time in order to prevent entry of unauthorised person.

Services at Expressway & Toll Plaza

Security personnel assists State Traffic Police for smooth movement of vehicular traffic, so as to minimise the possibilities of accidents. They also keep surveillance at Toll Plaza to prevent any untoward incident.

Services at Airport

Airports are hypersensitive installations: frisking of passengers and visitors, thorough checking of their baggage is being conducted by the security personnel. Properties and Runways are also protected by M.S.S.C guards.

Services at State Border check post

Security personnel provide armed protection to the staff working at the State Border check post. They also maintain traffic discipline at the check post.

Services at Courts

Security Personnel deployed at the courts are performing access control duty by way off watch and ward of persons moving to and fro & checking of their baggage entering and attending the courts.

Services at Factories / mines

The security personnel deployed at the factories / mines performs access control, frisking and checking duty. They also perform patrolling duty in the vicinity of the factories / mines in order to prevent illegal trespass and possible thefts.