Key Features of M.S.S.C.

  1. Personnel are selected on the basis of a rigorous competitive process, where they are judged for their mental and physical fitness assigned for the duty.
  2. The entire process of recruitment, training, deployment, service delivery and discipline of the personnel is being supervised under the command of the Director General of Police & Managing Director of the M.S.S.C.
  3. Character and antecedent verification of each of the personnel is done scrupulously.
  4. All the selected personnel are deemed to be public servants under Section 21 of Indian Penal Code (I.P.C.) 1860 and have been conferred the status of Special Police Officer as per Section 18(1) of M.S.S.C. Act - 2010
  5. As per Section 16 of M.S.S.C. Act – 2010, personnel have power to arrest without warrant.
  6. All the members of the Force are authorized to carry weapons and use them while discharging their duty as per Section 18(2) of M.S.S.C. Act – 2010.
  7. M.S.S.C provides services of Arm guard as per the lead & assessment.
  8. Force personnel are domiciled in Maharashtra. Hence, they have better understanding of socio-cultural and political scenario of the area.
  9. Once selected, personnel undergo rigorous training, which comprises drill, weapon handling, tactical requirements for the job and soft skills. They are trained by personnel of State Reserve Police Force (S.R.P.F) of Maharashtra, officers of Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (B.D.D.S), instructors of Maharashtra Intelligence Academy (M.I.A.), Pune and Central Industrial Security Force (C.I.S.F.), Government of India
  10. Force personnel are governed by Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act, 1922 and the Police Forces (restriction of Rights) Act, 1966. Hence, they can neither form or join any association or organize or participate in any agitation.
  11. Deployment of M.S.F. personnel is dynamic and scalable. It can be changed both in job description and in numbers without much delay.
  12. As officers supervising functioning of the M.S.F. are serving senior I.P.S. officers, better liaison with the police and administrative machinery is ensured in case of any need.