Training of Force Personnel

The purpose of training is to equip security guards with skills, knowledge to meet organizational goal and personal development. Security Guards in MSSC undergoes basic training and refresher re-orientation training. In this training we train our Security Guards physically and mentally for all security purpose. After selection, Force personnel undergo rigorous training.

Typical training comprises of:

  • 1. Physical fitness and endurance
  • 2. Drill
  • 3. Arms drill and weapon handling
  • 4. Tactical requirements for the job
  • 5. Details of bombs, IEDs and techniques of their detection
  • 6. Fire fighting
  • 7. Crowd and Traffic management
  • 8. Disaster management and emergency protocol
  • 9. Constitution of India and various laws
  • 10. First aid and rescue etc

Firing Practice of .12 Bore Pump Action Shot Gun and .303 Rifle is conducted in last week of training.